02 Portfolio

my prior works.

Welcome to my portfolio. Here you can find some of my previous works. This portfolio has been divided into three parts: Graphic Design, Programming and Drawings

For further examples feel free to check out my socials at the contact section, or contact me directly at saku.karttunen@gmail.com. I am up for offers and collaborations, so get in touch if you are in the process of recruiting.

Graphic Design

Lupu's Transportation -logo

Lupu's Transportation logo

Perfume ad mockup

A perfume advert mockup

Korpilahti Summer Rally 2021 -logo

Korpilahti Rally 2021

A giant cat photoshopped into New York City

Giant cat reeking havoc

Nata's bakery -logo

My first logo design

Fashion magazine mockup

A fashion magazine mockup

Lives podcast -logo

Lives -podcast logo

My new calling card

My new calling card mockup

My old calling card

My old calling card

Modal image


Wordgame thumbnail

Word Game in JavaScript

Python Video Downloader thumbnail

Python Youtube Downloader

Kantolan KunnonSalin thumbnail

Kantolan KunnonSali


A mechanic girl OC

Mechanic girl, OC

A Very suspecting fungus

"A suspecting fungus"

Carmelita from the Sly Cooper -series

Carmelita Fox, fan-art

A YouTube avatar commission

A YouTube avatar commission

A mario cloud turned princess

A mario cloud turned princess

Friend's sleepyhead OC

Sleepyhead with a strong hair-day